Ethics Research

My group works on a wide range of issues in biomedical ethics, research ethics and public health ethics. We utilise anything from theoretical analysis to mixed methods studies to policy analysis. Important focus areas currently include solidarity in biomedicine and beyond; participatory research and citizen science; biobanking governance; neuroethics; occupational health ethics. Additional interests are in ethical issues of antibiotic resistance, big data, and risk thresholds in surgery

Below are current grants with links to the respective project websites for more detailed information.

Ethical, social and regulatory issues of ‘citizen science’ in biomedicine (BMBF)

EU consortium Transcranial brain stimulation as innovative therapy for chronic pediatric
neuropsychiatric disorders – STIPED; WP 02 Ethical and social issues, patient and public involvement (EU H2020)

Ethical aspects of health management and occupational health in companies (BMBF)